My Body Is Not Yours

by Katie Jenkins

Available: June 1, 2021

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Affirmations For The Exceptional Woman - $10.00

by Katie Jenkins

Release: March, 2018

Topics covered in this affirmations journal include:

looking ahead • loving yourself • overcoming grief • maximizing singleness • maintaining good health • letting go • cultivating marriage


No More Ugly Jessica - DVD Movie

1h 36min

Director: David L. Walker
Writers: Katie D. Jenkins (creator), David L. Walker
Stars: Brian Brown, Kristyn Cheatham, Kathy Hodgkinson


Who Is This Ugly Jessica?

by Katie Jenkins

Released: March, 2014

Truth is not always appreciated or comfortable. In fact, it is often downright painful and disturbing, especially when it forces us to acknowledge and confront those hidden matters of the heart that we pretend are not there.

Sadly, scores of broken women have perfected the charade of putting on a happy mask day after day, when inwardly, they are full of confusion and have long-since lost their true identity.

Low self-esteem, rejection, bitterness, shame, jealously, and other such poisons, have stripped them of their beauty and caused them to be transformed into an unrecognizable creature of despair. They have become an Ugly Jessica.

Confront your hidden issues today, as Katie Hargraves-Jenkins goes beyond the mask to deal with the root of ugliness dwelling in too many women today.


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The Devil Had His Mind on Me But GOD Had His Hand On Me

Katie Jenkins

Released: March, 2008

An overpowering smell of rotting food, soiled diapers and every other kind of trash imaginable permeated the air of the landfill where Katie Jenkins and her siblings had come to find food and clothing.  Growing up extremely poor in rural Arkansas, and having to rummage through gigantic piles of refuse to survive, was only a precursor to the intense sufferings and hardships to come.

By the time she reached her early 20’s, Katie Jenkins had endured varied forms of mental, physical and sexual abuse that thrust her life into a virtual death spiral.  Consumed with hatred, heartbreak and hopelessness, she was a walking corpse, seemingly headed to an early grave.

Miraculously though, GOD revived this tortured soul, delivered her from a prison of torment and translated her into the kingdom of His dear Son (Jesus Christ).  Embrace the awesome, life-altering power of God through this account of how one woman survived and triumphed over a life filled with inconceivable horrors, and be transformed by the redemptive hope that lies therein.





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